How To Choose An Office Chair

Many of us have been spending long hours sitting on our desk. It is becoming a common phenomenon in this millennia. We are not born to spend long hours sitting down, at least our body isn't designed that way. Long hours of sitting down has caused many health issues, especially to the younger generations. We are seeing a trend that younger patients suffering from neck problems to lower back problems, all due to incorrect posture or lack of sufficient exercise to our joints. 

This phenomenon isn't going anytime soon as many of us can't just quit our jobs due to the financial commitments we have. The least we can do is to invest in a good chair. 

Buying a chair isn't just about the price. From the design, material, structure, mechanism to the finishing, every component will play an important role to what is considered a good chair.

What to look for? 

1. Mechanism

Mechanism is the central nervous system of the chair which empowers the movement of the chair, allowing you to swivel, tilt forward, backward, lifting up and down. There are many types of mechanisms. The most common will be synchro mechanism and multifunction mechanism. To know how it works, trying it is always the easiest solution. Having said that, just by looking at it will give you an idea whether it is a simple or more expensive mechanism. Size does matter. The bigger, the better.

2. Structure

The structure refers to the overall framework of the chair, whether it is firm or flimsy, giving you the adequate support that you need. 

3. Design

Pay particular attention on the design. A good ergonomic design will provide your spine to have the natural curve, thereby relieving the pressure from your body, especially your lower back which is a common problem of long sitting hours. The design can also refers to the appearance of the chair. Just like a car or necklace, a unique design will pull you out from the crowd. It is just special to own one.

4. Material

Every part of the chair will make up the price of the chair. For the base of the chair, plastic is probably the cheapest but does not provide the elegant look and durability. Steel base is common, but it is heavy and prone to corrosion. Aluminium is light and corrosion proof, but it is more expensive than the rest. For the seat and back, choices between fabrics and mesh are generally used as it is cheaper and more affordable. Leather will offer another level of experience of elegance and comfort. 

5. Affordability 

Of course, affordability will be the ultimate factor. However, if you are buying for your own use, like any investment, we will need to think long term. The initial commitment of a good quality office chair may be more expensive, but the ultimate benefits will outweight the cost in the long run.

We are going to show you an example of one of our products. Look into the details as we are showing you the pictures below. Look at the quality finishing with uncompromised workmanship. From the strong mechanism structure, thick aluminium base to the final stitches on the chair, every component is carefully made. It speaks for itself.